Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Graphique: 6 Questions With Julie

Sleek lines, graphic shapes, and fluid form permeate Julie's elegant "Graphique" photo session.

Further exploring my interest in bold shapes, lines, and forms, I knew I had to get Julie back in front of the camera. Julie Xiong is a lovely southwest-Missouri-based model who brings a variety of creative pursuits, including drawing and painting, to her modeling style. All of her influences reflect in her very fluid and expressive style of movement -- just perfect for my concept.

Julie brings gorgeous hand movement, a smoldering gaze, and a dancer's instinct to the stage. It made perfect sense, to me, to give her plenty of freedom to express these beautiful traits. Edgy light with hard shadows as well as glowing, angelic illumination provided our painting palette, meant to accentuate her lithe lines.

After an evening of two creative minds doing what they love, I knew I had to dig a little deeper. Please enjoy, "6 questions with Julie."

AB: How long have you been modeling?

Julie: I have been modeling since the summer of 2013.

AB: How did you get started in modeling?

Julie: I started modeling due to events that occurred during that period of my life. Through numerous struggles, I've been convinced to follow my dreams and passions.

AB: What is the best modeling advice you have received?

Julie: All modeling advice I find to be useful. I can't say I have received one piece of advice that is better than another because I believe all advice will advance an individual. 

AB: Where do you find creative inspiration?

Julie: My creative inspiration comes from the successful work of others or the desire to create an image with a message.

AB: What 3 words best describe you?

Julie: As a model, three words that best describes me would be: creative -- when given the opportunity; flexible -- when it comes to building a concept for a photoshoot session; and easy-going -- will listen to and adjust with the photographer's direction.

AB: What is one thing people don't know about you?

Julie: As tall as I am, standing at 5'-6", and besides being taller than all my siblings, I was a premature baby; born the smallest, weighing around three pounds.

Be sure to show your support for every step of Julie's modeling journey by liking her Facebook modeling page.

You may follow along with Julie's artistic journey by liking her Facebook art page.

Many thanks, as always, to Julie for a wonderful experience, an abundance of beautiful images, and for sharing some of her valuable time with me.


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