Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who Are You?

What do you do and who do you do it for? 

That's a question we all likely struggle with, myself, included. Photography has become a lovely way to not only express myself, but also to help me answer the question, "Who are you?". And, by "you," I mean you, the person reading this.

You see, as artists, we gravitate toward our inner core. We all have insatiable urges to touch our inner core, because most of us have lost contact with it, somewhere along the way.

Artists have to start the process, somewhere, so we begin with the question, "What looks pretty to us?". I like the subject of people, so depicting the human form in beautiful ways is my response.

From there, we often get the urge to look beyond the immediate, two-dimensional visual gratification and search for a third dimension -- message; particularly, what is meaningful to us. We can only do this by mining our vast life history to reverse-engineer that path to our inner core -- and your inner core.

For example, if one struggles with insecurity issues, he might find ways to honor and reflect those feelings or, conversely, find ways to snub their nose at insecurity and show personal empowerment within the image, and see the person they want to be. We put out there what we want to attract. If you struggle with insecurities, you will identify with the stories within those images.

Who is more qualified to reflect your personal story than someone who is empathetic to you?

Who am I? I'm a visual artist, telling intense personal stories through compassionate eyes. My work is thoughtfully bold.

Who do I do this for? I connect with anyone who needs an empathetic and beautiful voice to tell their unique story.

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