Thursday, June 28, 2012

6 Tips to Help You Look Better in Front of the Camera

I know you. You avoid the camera like the plague, because you think you are not photogenic. You untag yourself in every Facebook photo, because you don't really look like that. Yes, I know you.

There are lots of contributing factors to your camera-fright, but posing is the big culprit, here. Unless you spend lots of time modeling, you may not know much about posing. Posing is hard work, as many models can attest. Just about every woman wants to look taller, slimmer, younger, and more beautiful. Fortunately, there are six quick and simple tips I can share with you, the non-model, to help you look amazing next time you find yourself in front of the unexpected camera. If not amazing, then, at least a whole lot better.

1. Stand up straight. Good posture is slimming and flattering.

2. Turn at a slight angle from the camera. Facing the camera, straight on, makes the body look its widest. A slight angle is more slimming and forgiving.

3. Place your weight on your back leg and bend your front leg, slightly. The back leg is away from the camera, making it appear smaller, and the bent front leg has relaxed muscles, which makes it slimmer. The bend also adds a lovely S-shaped curve, which is more interesting than a straight line.

4. Relax your shoulders. People hold tension in their shoulders. Relaxing them not only relaxes the muscles but also elongates the neck, which is also slimming.

5. Bring a bit of space between your arms and body. Smashing arms against the body makes them wide. Adding space between arms and body reveals the silhouette of the waist, which is slimming. When arms are at the sides of the body, they become the width of the body. The natural hourglass is obscured. Bringing them away reveals the waist and showcases the hourglass, which is flattering.

6. Smile with your eyes. When you do so, it is a natural expression, and very engaging. You've seen those dead-eye "say cheese" smiles from unnamed family portraits; not too engaging.

Give these a try. Let me know how it goes!

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