Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make a Connection

Here is one of the secrets to life (I'm going to get deep on you):

People just want to make a connection with other people.

When you look at a photograph, like this one of Cindy, you may be asking: who is this girl, why is her hair pink, where is she, what is she looking at, what time of day is it, what is she thinking?

What life experiences have led her to this moment?

Here's how people make that connection: they recognize themselves in that other person.

You want to see aspects of yourself, because it validates our own experiences and our own existences. You may be thinking about a time when you had this daydream expression. What were you thinking about?

As human beings, we need this validation, whether it comes from friends, family, or peers. Otherwise, we open ourselves up to feelings of uncertainty about ourselves and our decisions in life (if no one else is doing it, are we doing it, correctly?). I think photography not only freezes time, but has the power to allow this validation. That's pretty powerful, in my opinion.

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