Monday, February 3, 2014

GQ Style: 10 Questions With Grant

Grant Mroz is a Springfield, Missouri-area model and student, who will earn his degree in Electronic Media Production with an emphasis in Recording Arts in the Spring of 2014. He stumbled into modeling, by happenstance, as you'll read, later in this post. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Mr. Mroz, I went right to work towards figuring out a photographic vision.

James Dean, Jim Morrison, and James Bond were three iconic names I wrote down to inspire our shoot. We were looking for cool and confident with GQ style and just a bit of attitude.

One of the biggest differences in shooting men as opposed to women, in my opinion, is in lighting. In general, harsh light and deep shadows are better suited to men, whereas soft light tends to flatter women. Deep shadows chisel out a masculine look and helps create just a hint of mystery. So, I turned up the shadows and let the masculine angles come forth.

Grant's quiet strength and rugged good looks combined with contemporary business sophistication allowed us ample opportunity to explore a variety of looks and moods -- channeling the suave styling of Bond and the rebellious attitude of Dean, while bringing Grant's engaging personality to the forefront.

After our photo session, I sat down with Grant for 10 questions to help the world get to know him a little better.

AB: How long have you been modeling?

Grant: I have been modeling for almost a year now.

AB: How did you get started modeling?

Grant: Well, my last roommate went to the Paul Mitchell School of hair and makeup and every year they have a fashion show. My roommate asked me if I wanted to be his model for the show and I said, "Sure." Hahaha. Little did I know that a photographer/editor would ask me if I'd be interested to model for book covers directly after the show.

AB: What excites you about a photo shoot?

Grant: I think meeting all the different types of people you come across while modeling, whether that be the photographers or models alike. Also, I like the idea of possibly portraying someone else or character when I model, bringing out my outgoing side rather than my usual quiet self. lol

AB: What advice do you have for young men who aspire to model?

Grant: I think my best advice is to be patient. You aren't going to become a high paying model in a month. It takes time. At least in my area there aren't a lot of modeling jobs. So, I do my best to go to the shoots I can and work with the best photographers I can to build my portfolio to be its best, and luckily I've been blessed to work with some of the best. If modeling is what you want to do, then don't let anything hold you back.

AB: Where do you find creative inspiration?

Grant: Hmmm……this is a hard one, I'm not sure. lol

AB: What do you like to do to re-charge?

Grant: I like going to the gym, sitting at home watching movies, cooking, playing guitar, song writing (lyrics), and of course taking naps. hahaha

AB: What three words best describe you?

Grant: dedicated, loyal, weird

AB: Who stars as you in the movie of your life?

Grant: Hugh Jackman or Ryan Gosling

AB: Pizza Hut or Domino's?

Grant: I would have to say Domino Hut (hybrid between the two) lol. I like them both, so if they somehow had a baby and named it Domino Hut where it had stuffed crust with garlic on it……*starts to drool*….that would be the perfect pizza. haha

AB: What is one thing people don't know about you?

Grant: I seem like a quiet shy guy, but in reality I'm really outgoing and weird.

You can show your support for every step of Grant's journey at his Facebook modeling page.

My thanks to Grant for a terrific photo shoot experience.

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