Sunday, April 3, 2016

Madison Martin: Spring Fashion

As springtime rolls around, in southwest Missouri, the lovely, Madison, dropped by to update her modeling portfolio with some seasonal fashion looks.

I’ve been fortunate to work with Madison, many times. She is a very nice individual, as well as a well-prepared, professional individual. Madison never fails to light up the room with her engaging smile. Conversely, a smoldering gaze is equally up her alley.

I invest a lot of time preparing for every session I conduct. On the day of a shoot, I always have, at the ready, a printed shot list as well as a binder book of visual inspiration, tailor made for the particular shoot.

Since our session was to be fashion-oriented, I browsed my reference, pulling inspiration that felt appropriate for the backgrounds and lighting, I had in mind, as well as what I felt was appropriate for Madison’s look. She was nice enough to send me photos of the outfits she would bring, which helped me narrow my vision, further.

With the fashion look, of the shoot, I decided to keep the backgrounds simple, bringing focus to the outfits. There is also a fine art feel that comes from a figure on a simple background, that I enjoy.

Since it was such a nice day, her casual spring ensemble would be perfect for some outdoor looks. So, I added that to my shot list.


My lighting setups included:
- 1 bare bulb strobe, no modifier, for crisp lines and shadows
- 1 strobe with 7-inch silver reflector dish, pointing into a 60-inch bounce umbrella
- Natural light for the outdoor sequences

Camera settings:
- Camera: Canon EOS 7D
- In the studio, I used a Canon EF 24–105mm f/4.0L IS USM lens. My settings ranged between f/5.6–7.0, in order to maintain crisp focus over the depth of the figure; ISO 100; and shutter speed of 1/125.
- Outside, my lens changed to a Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM, in order to utilize the shallow depth of field. Aperture ranged from f/1.2–2.8; ISO 100; shutter speed between 1/250–1250, as lighting warranted.

One thing I’m known for, among those who work with me, is my posing. I have a fairly strong vision and direction, when it comes to posing. So, I regularly guide my subjects to help create beautiful, flattering lines, shapes, and accentuate their natural body language, with fashion flair. I pose right along with those I work with, which sometimes creates a chuckle or two. I know this teamwork is also much appreciated by those I work with. The mutual goal is always gorgeous images. This teamwork lets us do our best to achieve that goal.

My sincerest thanks, again, to the lovely, Madison, for a terrific spring fashion session.

photographer: Allan Burch (
model: Madison Martin (

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